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Attention Small Business Owners: Be Direct About Making Sales!

Website visitors are NOT psychic. You know what you want them to do, but you can’t just expect them to know that you want them to buy this product or service or to click on a certain button on your website. When people land on your small business website, presumably they were looking for the particular type of product or service you sell so why are you doing anything other than presenting them with that initially?

This is especially important if you’re spending money to get people to your site.

Your Small Business Website Should Help Your Company Make Money

Typically speaking, with a traditional small business website, when someone visits they have a lot of options to choose from. They can click on any one of your links and simply float around your website. With focused landing pages, they’re guided immediately in the direction you want them to take.

If you’re a dentist, lawyer, doctor, chiropractor, painter, plumber or anyone with a skilled trade, a traditional website (if that’s all you’re using) could be killing your business. Using a traditional website is like handing someone a brochure with all your company’s information on it and praying they give you money just because they can read all they want about what your company is about and what it does.

It doesn’t work that way. Your local website has to be very purposeful in the way it presents itself to consumers, but you also need to pay attention to specific offers for specific products and services you offer.

You might think you need a small business website with as many links and as much information as possible but what you have to understand is that when people are searching for a product or service they aren’t really looking for all of that. What they want is someone who can solve the problem they have. Someone with an emergency plumbing problem is looking for the first plumber who can be there as fast as possible.

Make More Money

The main goal is to get them into your communication cycle or sales cycle as quickly as possible so very visible contact information is a must. No need to get complicated. And what’s great is that you don’t need to be the least expensive. Your site just needs to have strong (and highly visible) calls to action that lead people where you want them to go.

Again, if you’re a dentist, lawyer, doctor, chiropractor, painter, plumber or anyone with a skilled trade, people only care about a few things initially when they hit your small business website…

* Can I Easily Find Your Contact Information?
* How Soon Can You Fix My Problem? The Faster The Better.
* How Much Will It Cost?
* Can I Trust You? (Reviews)

Local Small Business Website

Even With A Streamlined Local Website You STILL Need Targeted Landing Pages

If you have a great and effective higher-priced product or service that requires people request a quote, you should gear specific pages on your site towards that singular purpose. No navigation other than requesting a quote. Every link they click should open some sort of mechanism that’s asking them to submit a quote. Why are you distracting people with things that don’t make you money?

Focus on what you do best and on what makes you the most money.

If you’re in a service or skilled trade niche you don’t necessarily have to collect lead information upfront (unless you have a really good bribe) because your goal is to make money immediately. You don’t necessarily want people in a prolonged sales cycle. You want them on the phone so you can schedule them for work. Honestly, a lot of people forget that Internet marketing is just marketing that just happens to be on the Internet.

Just because everybody else has a small business website that has tons of information on it doesn’t mean that yours has to in order to be profitable.

Let Me Ask You…Which Do You Think Would Be More Profitable For Your Business?

A small business website that has 20-30 of your filters on a page to give people a selection to choose from along with all the navigation to every other page on your site distracting them from the real thing you actually want them to buy?

Or a landing page with minimal navigation that educates people on why they not only want water filters but your water filters in particular? Here are a couple of examples that illustrate the differences between the two…

A Typical Website With Too Many Options

Cluttered Website

A Landing Page That Educates Readers, Tells and Shows Them WHY They Need Your Water Filters, Talks About What Went Into Making Your Filter & Builds A Strong Desire For It

Direct Response Website

The first small business website (which is the kind most people use to sell products) has too many leaks. People can bail at any time during your sales presentation. Yes, they can still leave what would essentially be a sales letter but if you’re relaying your message correctly, they’ll get caught up in the story long enough to see what you’re selling. The headline (or main attention grabber) on the traditional website says…

“Your #1 Source in Water Filters”

Ok, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. That doesn’t motivate me in any way to care about how what you sell will help me.

The one on the sales funnel says…

** We apologize, at this time the Doulton Water Filter Plus is only available to readers within the continental United States.

“How does the government help big industry get rid of millions of tons of toxic waste? Easy. They add it to your drinking water!”

I don’t know about you but If I’m looking for water filters, I already know that I’m doing it because tap water isn’t the best thing to drink even though I may not know all the reasons why. If I run across a letter that not only confirms that but gives me all the details about fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc in my drinking water and then presents me with a solution… I’m more likely to buy this product even if it costs more than what I was originally planning to spend.

People don’t mind spending the money if they understand what they’re getting. If you just say “Your #1 Source in Water Filters”, that doesn’t help me really understand what you’re selling. And on top of that, if you have a million links on the page(s) you’re trying to sell your water filters for, I’m definitely clicking on a lot of those before I most likely move on to a competitor.

If all you did was take your most profitable product or service and made your best pitch for it without all the distractions, you could be selling more of your highest profit margin products with less traffic than you need right now. You can sell $300 water filters all day long by focusing your offers and removing all the clutter. Give people what they were looking for so they can buy now without having to wade through dozens of links to find your main offers.

You’re Probably Thinking…

People don’t really read letters like that on the Internet, do they? Well, yes and no. A lot of people WILL and a lot of them will skim it, but that’s not the point. The point is that you’re making them a specific offer for a product you REALLY want to sell without a lot of distractions getting in the way of them making a buying decision. You’ll make more money by virtue of streamlining your sales process.

In fact, not too long ago we helped a client turn a $40 product into a $500-$600 course using a long-form sales letter and sold thousands of dollars worth immediately to his previous $40 customers. This client has to sell 150 $40 courses to make $10,000 but with the course we helped him create he only needs to sell 20 of those. It’s easier to sell 20 of something than it is to sell 150 no matter the price.

Full FLR Samurai Sales Letter

It’s not the length of the letter so much as it’s the fact that this is a targeted offer made to people most likely to buy it with no other links or distractions. Long-form sales letters DO in fact work much better than sending people to the main page of your website when you’re trying to sell a product or service that may cost a little more than your market is normally used to spending.

What’s really great is that the $500 course shows people how to get the most out of the 20+ $40 courses this client has so people who spend $500 end up spending hundreds more on the $40 courses. A direct-selling process works extremely well on the Internet for product sales and for local businesses.

Don’t give me that nonsense about people not “reading” long copy and whatever you write needs to have lots of white space. It’s a myth spread by people too lazy or too incompetent to figure out how to write good selling ad copy. One of the most profitable rules of marketing is…

The more you tell, the more you’ll sell.
The more you tell, the more you’ll sell.
The more you tell, the more you’ll  sell.

Disclaimer:   Unless you don’t know how to tell people about your product or service in a way that moves them to action. Telling more doesn’t automatically mean selling more. You have to do it right.

Am I saying that you only need a landing page for your business? No. A full website gives you the opportunity to offer people more of what they’re looking for than a sales page does. You really need both. Cover all your angles.

Local Small Business Owners

You can use landing pages and targeted sales letters if you’re a local business selling services. You can be a wedding planner, fitness trainer, real estate agent or even a plumber. You can use them to generate leads, create appointments, reactivate old customers, stimulate referrals, sell higher priced services or just about anything else you can think of.

There Are Two Specific Elements To Making This Work

#1: Your offer must grab their attention right away

#2 Your offer must be about them and not you

If you can grab attention with your opening statements and suck people in with a narrative that’s about them and not you, this will work.

Create Ads And Marketing Materials That Consistently Put Money In Your Pocket

If you ever want to see a huge waste of money, then watch the ads being played during the Super Bowl. Those ads that run during the Super Bowl ads are designed to be funny and cute and win advertising awards. However, those ads rarely make their companies any real profit.

As a matter of fact, those commercials are the laughing stock of the marketing industry because companies blissfully line up and pay millions for those types of “funny” ads while receiving little to no results for their marketing dollars.

The fact of the matter is, you either need to know how to write and design good ads or have the resources to hire a good copywriter. Regardless of which option you choose, I encourage you to study good copywriters so that they have a feel for what usually works. As the owner, you should definitely know how to create ads, letters and emails that generate leads.

Basic Tips For Effective Ads

1. Use headlines that attract customers.
2. Always have a compelling offer.
3. Use a specific start date and deadline in your ad.
4. Insert testimonials from past customers.
5. Include a guarantee on your products and services.
6. Your ad must look unique and stand out from your competitors.
7. Your ad must ONLY focus on what your customer wants.
8. Have only one goal for each ad, which is to get customers to visit your business.
9. Tell the reason why you’re offering the sale.
10. Write ads that are straight to the point and easy to understand.

Local business owners usually get caught up in Internet marketing that doesn’t necessarily work for their type of business. Having a small business website or any piece of marketing material is for the purpose of making sales. Period. If you have a business and that business needs money to continue operating, the assets you have like your website, business card, brochures, flyers, etc have to bring in more business.

Be direct. Go for the sale. You have an offer that you can make right now to generate more cash-flow for your business. If you can figure out what that is and put that offer in front of your market with as few distractions as possible, you could be bringing in more money with less effort than you’re currently spending trying to generate more business through the Internet.

The more options you offer people upfront, the more chances they have to get confused or become indecisive because they now see other things they may want. Focus on what you REALLY want people to do right from the start. You can do this with landing pages that focus on a single product or service and drive traffic to that page.

We can help you create landing pages that convert your leads into direct sales or help you generate leads from existing traffic. Contact us.

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