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Video Production

Whiteboard Videos

These are 100% from scratch custom to your business. Many companies use software and free clipart from the internet. That paints a bad picture of your business. Our professional copywriters and artists take the time to create scripts, storyboards and hand draw images unique to your business so that your market understands exactly why they need your products/services.

Marketing Videos

Our custom animated videos are studio, outdoor shooting or footage based and present your vision the way you want it to look. The recommended length of marketing videos is 60-90 seconds, and are best for presenting company homepages, products and applications, newsletters, blogs, social media and more.

Stillwell Design

The Competition

What You Don’t Know

Many of our competitors are fake. By fake I mean they use existing clipart (low quality artwork) and software programs to make their videos look like they’re drawn. By comparison, we can create videos that accurately depict virtually ANY scenario because we don’t rely on tricks. We draw everything by hand from scratch specifically for your business to fit your unique products & services.

Contact us so that we can create a video for your business or brand that shows your target audience why what you have is what they need.

How We Work

We use a proven 6-step process to create your explainer or marketing video. This is the same process we’ve used to create hundreds of these videos for our clients. You’re involved in the process to ensure that the final video is something you’re truly happy with.

From start to finish, the video creation process takes about 3-5 weeks depending on the length of the video (since it’s custom work) and how long it takes you to respond to request for feedback along the way. In cases where you may need a video sooner, we can accommodate a faster production schedule.

Video Creation Proccess

Here’s a little insight into our 6-step process:

(1) Brand Design Brief

To end up in the right location you need a roadmap. Our design brief will help you narrow down and focus on broadcasting the right message to your specific audience. Not every type of design works for every audience so this is a highly individualized process. To start this process, we’ll send you a questionnaire designed to find out as much as possible about your business and what you’d like to convey with your branding.

2) The Script

After we get the design brief back from you and understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, we create a script to help you achieve that goal.

3) Voice Over

Then, once you approve the script, we’ll record your voice over in a professional studio to maximize the clarity of your speaker. You can choose between several different professional male and female artists so you end up with the perfect person to relay your message to your audience.

4) Background Music

You can either provide your own background music (not recommended) or we can provide the background audio from our large repository to make sure that the final audio compliments the voice over, visuals and overall feel of your video. This is something you can’t afford to get wrong.

5) Storyboarding

After your voice over is done, we create a storyboard that goes over the visuals for each frame of the video. This is where we sketch the storyboard and create the final custom drawings.

6) Editing

The final step in the process involves assembling all of the components of your video in our professional studio. We use industry standard programs such as Adobe After Effects & Premier. Once we’ve worked our magic, we send you the video for review to either accept or request a revision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Extra Charges Or Hidden Fees?

No. Absolutely not. What you see is what you get.

How Many Revisions Can I Make?

You are free to make up to 2 revisions during the storyboard process and 1 revision of the finished video without any extra charges.

How Long Does It Take To Make My Video?

It takes 3-4 weeks (and up to 8) depending on the video length (longer videos take longer) and how fast you reply to requests for approval at various stages.

How Do Your Rates Compare To Other Providers?

With completely custom artwork and animations, other providers can charge anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 or more for the first minute and $1,500+ for each additional minute depending on the type of video you get from them. We think our prices are competitive for the highly individualized content we provide.

Do I Own The Rights To My Video?

Yes, you absolutely do. We simply retain the right to show it in our portfolio but the video itself is yours and will be under your copyright. It’s really all yours. No need to worry about that.

Will The Video Increase Traffic To My Site?

By itself? No, not usually. However, that’s why we take your video and distribute it to hundreds of media sources that can pick up and run with news about the content of your new video. Essentially, this video can center around a newsworthy event in your company such as the launch of a new product or service.


Pricing includes an advertising campaign for your new video to get the word out because your video doesn’t help you if people don’t see it. We don’t like surprises when we’re spending money so we don’t spring any on you. What you see is what you get.

$2,980 / First Minute

$1,000 for each additional minute.

Would you like us to create Beautiful Custom Videos For Your Company That Help You Sell More Services?

Custom marketing & whiteboard videos help you sell more of your products & services