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In the minds of your best audience, there is no reason that you should have poor branding. The amount of time and effort it looks like you invest in your own branding is an indication to your market of how much time and effort you would be willing to invest in them. If it looks like you don’t care about the branding of your own company, why would they expect you to go above and beyond for THEM?

We specialize in visual branding that’s beautiful, unique, purpose-built, and engaging for your specific target audience. With so many competitors out there literally at the fingertips of your potential customers, you really can’t afford to be average, boring or caught looking like you really don’t care. People don’t expect you to do more for them than you do for yourself.

Trust The Process

Designing a logo, or any type of branding for that matter isn’t a quick or easy process. It requires thought, care, attention to detail and an overall plan for how your new branding works with your particular audience.

If your target audience can look at your branding and think their nephew or niece that works on a computer can create it, you’ve just lost an opportunity to elevate your company above your competitors. You literally can’t afford to make a bad first impression.

(1) Brand Design Brief

To end up in the right location you need a roadmap. Our design brief will help you narrow down and focus on broadcasting the right message to your specific audience. Not every type of design works for every audience so this is a highly individualized process. To start this process, we’ll send you a questionnaire designed to find out as much as possible about your business and what you’d like to convey with your branding.


This consultation occurs after we’ve had a chance to look over your brief and get a sense of the direction your branding should take. It’s also helpful because quite often, something comes up in this conversation that can affect how your branding is developed.


Now the real work begins. The importance of the research phase cannot be overstated. This is where we’ll study your business, what you’ve done so far, what your competition is doing and what attracts the attention of your target audience. This phase also allows us to gather ideas for inspiration and to dissect to give us a more holistic view of what would most benefit your business by helping you reach the best audience for your products & services.


We have a treasure trove of resources, tried and true reference material and an eye for what concepts could be used to bring your branding together. Our reference material (some of which we’ll gather specifically for your business) helps us further get a tighter lock on a direction for your branding before we start developing sketches and concepts for you.


We typically start with sketches on paper to test out ideas and concepts before bringing them over to Adobe Illustrator. This allows us to test ideas without being tempted to work to hard on a design that actually doesn’t work. Illustrator is a vector program that allows your logo to scale to the size of a skyscraper without losing any quality. Even once in Illustrator we’ll continue to work on a few drafts of the strongest logo concepts to ensure that you’re presented with the best of the bunch.


After we’ve gone through the sketch and concept phase and have a few strong candidates, we like to take a day or two off away from the designs so that we can look at them with fresh eyes. Designs always look different after you’ve taken some time off. This allows us to look at them objectively on their own merits instead of seeing them with a personal attachment. How we feel about a design is largely irrelevant. What matters is will it help you attract more business. Period.


After the “marination” phase, we almost always make changes to ideas and concepts we thought were oh so perfect just the day before. The revised ideas are generally much stronger and more focused on the goals you want your branding to help you achieve.


To end up in the right location you need a roadmap. Our design brief will help you narrow down and focus on broadcasting the right message to your specific audience. Not every type of design works for every audience so this is a highly individualized.


Once you’ve chosen a design and we delivery it, we are here to support you moving forward. We don’t run a “Here You Go… Good Luck With That” type of business.

We take your branding seriously because your target audience does. Subconsciously, they think that a competitor who’s branding looks better than yours makes them somehow better at delivering the exact same products or services you offer than you. Perception is reality.

Logo & Business Identity

Logo & Business ID: Consultation Required

Business Card/Stationery

Business Card Design* $250
Letterhead Design* $250
Envelope Design* $250

Our Stationery Package includes Business Cards, Letterhead and one additional stationery item of your choosing for $500.

Brochure Design

6×9 Double-Sided Half-Fold Design $350
8.5×11 Tri-fold Brochure Design $400
8.5×11 Z-Fold Brochure Design $400
9×12 Tri-fold Brochure Design $450
9×12 Z-Fold Brochure Design $450
8.5×11 Up To 8-Page Brochure Design $750

Advertising Material

We are also design other marketing and advertising material such as high-impact flyers, table tents, yard signs, retractable banners and more to help you easier implement your marketing strategy.

Please contact us to discuss in detail.

Print Production

We also print and produce all of our design work with special prices. Please contact us and get a quote.

Tri-Fold Brochure

Z-Fold Brochure

Generally speaking, the tri-fold brochure is one we primarily like to use with clients simply because it allows for a more cohesive design experience for the consumer. One section also logically flows into the other making the reading experience pleasant for your audience. Basically, it gives you distinct sections for presenting information sequentially.

Z-Fold brochures on the other hand are great for presenting large graphics like charts and graphs because of the way a z-fold opens. It allows for a continuous flow between graphics which can produce very eye-catching designs. In other words, if you want a brochure that’s more graphic heavy then you may want to go with a z-fold. However, if you have a fair amount of text you’d like to present, the classic tri-fold is where it’s at. What you choose depends on what you want to do.

We Create Beautiful Branding That sets Your Business Apart From The Competition

We create beautiful logos, business cards, brochures and flyers your customers will love.