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You either spend time researching or have a flash of inspiration for an idea to write about, you plan, you research, you write, you rewrite, rewrite again and edit what you wrote; all of which can sometimes take months or years. You pour your heart into the content of your book and sacrifice your time on something you anxiously hope people will buy after it’s all said and done.

So after all that why would you settle for a bland, cookie-cutter book cover that doesn’t inspire anyone to want to pick up and read your book? People DO judge a book by its cover so, after all the hard work you put into actually writing your book, the last thing you want is for people to pass it up simply because it doesn’t LOOK appealing enough to grab their attention.

Invest In Your Writing So That Your Audience Can Invest In It Too

By the time you’ve written your book, you’ve done the hard work. Now isn’t the time to sabotage everything you’ve done up to this point. If you look around, you’ll find companies offering “premium” book cover design but do those designs actually speak to your audience? Would that be something you’d be proud to share and show off?

We understand that people eat with their eyes first before deciding if they actually want to consume something and that’s why we specialize in eye-candy that makes people want your book. We specialize in design that people will not only want for themselves but are willing to share with others. That gives you the biggest possible reach for your work.

JAX Chronicles - Collection
JAX Chronicles - Collection
JAX Chronicles | Initiation
JAX Chronicles | Initiation


Your book cover is the first thing people see before deciding to pick up and read your book.

It’s the thing that’s supposed to stop them and get them curious about your writing. If after all the creativity, research, writing, re-writing, editing, re-writing and editing you decide to wrap all of your hard work in something people don’t notice; it’s as if you wasted your time writing because people won’t see your work. Your book cover is an investment, not an expense.

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