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5 Statistics For Smarter Web Design

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5 Tips For Smarter Web Design

1) Before I Buy, I Have Questions

When visitors arrive at your website, 64% of them want to see your company’s contact information. (Source: KoMarketing) Something we see a lot with local businesses is that their contact information isn’t readily visible. If you make people have to work to find your contact information, you’re losing money. Period.

2) Don’t Hide Your Products & Services

Almost immediately after visiting your homepage, 86% of your visitors want to see information about the products and services you offer. (Source: KoMarketing) You have to understand that people are visiting your website for a reason. Why make them jump through hoops to find what they’re after? If you sell something, show it to people right away.

3) Go Beyond Email

51% of people think the lack of “thorough contact information” reduced a vendor’s credibility and thus would cause them to leave. (Source: KoMarketing)

Thorough contact information to them consists of a company’s phone number, email and address. By adding more options to contact you, people are more willing to trust you more than a company who seemingly hides their contact info behind an email form. Be transparent and easy to reach.

4) Slow Loading Times Cost You Money

Slow loading times for images cause 39% of users to stop engagement with a website. If delays are encountered during peak traffic times, 75% of users will click off the page and head to competitors’ websites. (Source: Adobe)

Not only will visitors leave if your site loads slow, Google uses your website’s loading speed in part to determine how to rank it. If your competitors have sites that load faster, they’re more likely to rank higher than you.

5) People Consume Visually Appealing Content First

Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. (Source: Adobe)

Your potential customers believe that your website, brochures, business cards, flyers and other design collateral should meet a certain minimum standard if you expect them to engage with it.

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